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Return and Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy:

*Please check your order information before you click the final step of buying aion kinah, just as the Aion Server, the total amount of your order and your personal information details. Just following the clew that we provided in the order processing, the correct information you offer to us will make you avoid some problem in the treading.

*Once you made a mistake, please do not worry about so much; Connect with us as soon as possible by E-mail/ Live-chat/ Free Call in order to solve your mistake fast. We will alter the order on the premise that you have bought Aion gold from us before and your cheap Aion gold buy is still under our confirmation.

Return Policy:

*If we don’t complete the trade with you in 48 hours, we will refund all your payment without any excuse. However, Aion gold is an entirely online virtual currency, so we need some time to solve your refund. The feature rules that nothing would be wrong with its authenticity. Therefore, we will admit no request for returning money. We will try our best to satisfy you need.

*Since virtual currency industry is different from other industry, all sales on are incapable being reversed, which means, we do not accept return merchandise. None in the physical world is able to receive fake and forged products from the virtual world; therefore, your purchase is final.